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Rome, Italy

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algeria, algeria

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Kurdjali, bulgarıa

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Ålesund, Norway

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Adana, Turkey

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Tabriz, Iran

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Bratisalva, Slovakia

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Afyon, Türkiye

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  • Founder
Initiator and founder of Sebastian Schirmer

"Who are we?" actually ought to be replaced by: "Who am I?" - The team consists indeed of only one person right now. Of course, tons of friends' feedback has been received and incorporated into the site's concept and implementation, which greatly supported and moved my idea forward.

For a longer period of time, I myself was looking for a language exchange partner to practice my French and to offer my German in return. But... it was actually not really easy to find a matching language partner! There are some online offers, portals or bulletin boards around, but very fragmented and with little users and ads.

After a longer break from work in 2011 I had the idea of doing something against this situation, and

"to create the best online-portal for the german-speaking countries, using which it would be super-simple to find language exchange partner in one's surroundings."

The focus of is on finding a language partner online but to meet and communicate in person afterwards. The portal quality depends of course on the number of registered users. Over time and with rising number of users the quality will steadily rise as well.

Alright. Idea --> Action! Concept work started beginning of 2012, design and implementation shortly afterwards, up to now everything as a one-man-show. After several hundreds of hours of work and lots of night shifts, what you are seeing here is the result. Of course there is still lots of things to do and I will try hard to make this portal a success! Additional and new features will follow and the site will be extended on an ongoing basis.

I am always very interested to receive feedback and remarks, or to discuss new ideas. Therefore, if you are interested, please get in contact with me!