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General is an online platform using which you can find language exchange partners and language exchange friends in your area to practice a foreign language. The idea is that two people with different mother tongues find each other and mutually teach each other their native language. Both parties benefit and it's fun too. As it is sometimes not easy to find such a language exchange partner, aims to make finding such a partner easier.

Tandem language learning is a method of language learning based on mutual language exchange between tandem partners (ideally each learner is a native speaker in the language the proponent wants to learn).

The above cite has been taken from Wikipedia.

Furthermore, Wikipedia cites the following (and we agree with what Wikipedia says):

Basically both partners can meet in person (face-to-face Tandem) or learn by e-mail, phone or other media (eTandem, also distance Tandem). Learning is supported by various materials and methods: work sheets, textbooks or simply informal conversation.

No, using is absolutely free. No membership fee, no transaction costs, nothing. Simply register for free and get started.
The idea for came up at the end of 2011, the first design work started in early 2012. After an intensive development phase in the spring of 2012 a first test version was put online. After this test period, the site went live on 1 February 2014.
To unsubscribe, click "Profile" in the navigation header, then "Edit My Profile", "Personal settings", then click "Unregister and delete account". This brings you to a page on which you can delete your account by entering your password.

Data Privacy

The profile data you enter will be stored in the database only and will never be shared with third parties.
No, definitely not. Your profile information will remain with and never be shared. The profile data is not visible to other users.
As the language exchange partner search on works based on geographical information, a user profile must contain address information.
No. The address that you enter in your profile is not visible to other users.
Other users can see your profile exactly as you see their profiles. The following information is shown to other users when they visit your profile: 
Username, gender, age, city, country, profile picture, description of your language exchange partner search, native language, language you want to practice, level, last modified date, approximate location on map.


On the left of the website there is a search form titled "Seach Language Friends". Enter your search details in this form. Enter a search address where you want to search, a distance in km to that address (all users within that distance will be searched), and your native language as well as the language you would like to practice. You may additionally narrow a search by entering gender and age range as additional search options. 
All search form fields are optional to be filled. 
The results of your search will be displayed in both a map and a list. Users found by the search will be shown ordered by distance to the entered search address. The number of search results is limited to 100. Should your search bring back more than 100 matches, you should refine your search by selecting or entering more search criteria.
To contact a language exchange partner or friend, go to his or her profile and click on the "Message" button. Or, you may also click on the "Send XYZ a message" link. 
Messages you sent and received are available in your messages overview. 
New, unread messages will be indicated to you with a red number in the top navigation menu item "Messages".
Search results are displayed sorted by distance to your location or the search address you entered, i.e. first those users closest to your search address appear first.
A registered user gets other user profiles suggested, based on his native language and practice language settings. 
Example: User Adam speaks German and wants to learn English. will suggest other users that speak English and want to practice German.